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Cursillos in Christianity
Diocese of Monterey
P.O. Box 7314
Spreckels, California 93962
Fax: (866)405-8534


  • The School of Leaders is not a school in the academic sense. Instead, it is a school in the sense of a gathering, such as a school of fish. It is a gathering of Cursillo leaders. It helps these leaders to "discover, accept, and grow in their vocations, bringing them together so that together they can take on the responsibility of being leaders in the Church, in the Movement, and in their respective secular environments."  (Fundamental Ideas of the Cursillo Movement, pg. 200)

  • Currently, there is one section of the School of Leaders of the Cursillo Movement of the Monterey Diocese.   If you are a Cursillista (i.e., you have attended a Cursillo Weekend), and are interested in serving the Cursillo community, please come join us. It meets on the first Wednesday of the month at Madonna Del Sasso Church in Salinas at 7:00 PM.
  • If you have questions about the School of Leaders, please e-mail the Chair of the School.